vian nguyen

This is a game about sharing the journeys that happen between the walls you’ve lived within.
it's how we meat
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ive spent a lot of time with myself and i have a lot of thoughts actually
Together, what must be done to help us?
(ill hold this card with you instead)
I know my end and I know my beginning. /I will not ask for your permission to thrive.
Interactive Fiction
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Will you be able to uncover the truth, or will competitors steal your thunder?
The purpose of this game is to give all players a space to think about loss in a way that our daily lives don’t allow.
explore gender and race through fashion and dress!
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find your inner strength, seek the support you need, use your body and a piece of paper
a final glance over the shoulder at the place I grew up
Interactive Fiction
interactive autobiographical about every closet I've ever hid in.
Interactive Fiction
a plead for those thinking of taking their life and those who love them.
Interactive Fiction
In this room stands 4 ghosts. They're all lost. Do you have the answers they need?
Interactive Fiction
please share yourself with me, an interactive poem
Interactive Fiction
Remember the hungry robots' order and become the best chef!
a two player game, between the moon and you.
a postcard to close the distance in between with idle talk.
What memories can you recall about this person in your life? A small game about reflection.
It takes time, communication, and care to grow and sustain a relationship into something beautiful.
Try to make a temporary space feel like home.
Retreat to an area with plant life. Thank it for its aid.
Get a Crew together, gather intel and equipment, and pull off the job of a lifetime!
What can you hear in your quietest moments?
A small game about observing a shrinking city.
An unknown deity challenges the existence of the world you call home.
An interactive autobiography situated in the ancestral rituals I hold.
Interactive Fiction
A simple, quiet game about acknowledging our presence in the world.

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