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"enter your" (name) / back-button:
I'd prefer if it remembers my typed-in texts? & maybe it should be like: "enter your name" (blank line as input-value in html)

Probably bit more space in-between each section would be easier to know which ones getting marked? Interesting, I could choose "rather not to say" + additional ones. Possibly it should be another type of icon, e.g. a radio-inputtype would get you just one option available, I guess.

next question:
Two options only? What if ...I'd prefer similar ones like in the prev. info?

clicking arrows green/red:
I'd think of optionally "swiping" as drag-drop option to those sides. Just as suggestions, if you'd like to implement it as common way of those virtual apps xD

seeking by "males". Why will just females appear there? Same on the opposite one, which shows just guys, if I'd choose: females only. btw: "Tim" sounds rather bit unusual in his bio, lol.

Technically I could undo each option e.g. each voted character or chosen profile-info. Should it be like that or more like "steps" as saving-spots: back to profile / re-rate some swiped users, etc.?

"hi" replying e.g. (random letter).
"how are you?" (same info).
after two right-sided posts, the third one appears centered and I could just exit. How to review that post except hitting that "back"-arrow? uhm, just sent no icon and it appeared as sent.

"are you happy"-convo:
nope. red arrow. hitting it again, lol why it won't progress?, same for green button either. or should it appear as ending-scene?


Now the real question is… Do i take my dates to dinner or do i HAVE them for dinner?


omg that sounds like a different game entirely lol

hahaha hell yeah, it’d be fun!