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Mounting Missing Persons Cases Continue to Skyrocket

Welcome to We Will Not Walk in Fear

In Ammson City, a secret group of individuals known as the Inheritance Society works behind the scenes to claim power, influence the elite, and steal the lives of the innocent to extend their own.

It's your job to prove it.

Investigators Needed!

Everything you'll need to know to win

You are journalists in Ammson City, headquarters to both Sympiezo Pharmaceuticals and Excellessence Mentoring. The Inheritance Society  glimmers in and out of documents, notes, and transcripts, but following the trail leaves you grasping at smoke more often than not. 

You know there is something these shadowy corporations are hiding, and you want to be the first ones to expose it. The only way you are going to dig anything up is by talking to people on the inside. Other news teams are going to be after your scoop, and the special interests won't take too kindly to your inquiries, so you’ll have to be hush. 

The truth is illusive, but well worth the effort.

We Will Not Walk in Fear is a team-based competitive board game for 4-6 people. Players duke it out as sets of competing Journalists, taking turns interviewing an undercover Witness to gather  information on the powerful and secretive Inheritance Society without the other teams snagging their scoop! 

This game is for MICA's Game Lab Senior Thesis project designed by Allison Whitney, Corran Nolan, and Vian Nguyen. It is currently available to be played in Tabletop Simulator here or via our downloadable Print and Play!


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