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This Bitsy prototype is one of many I've been exploring around the concept of labyrinths, mazes, emotional exploration, and mutual intimacy. This probably won't be the last but it's just exciting to get to a point where this vertical slice can be in a Complete State! I'll definitely keep iterating on this concept. I've got a whole dot notebook to fill with mazes so I'll see you in the next one.

Accessed from an old journal 21/10/13 @ 2am:
Games about strangers: meeting them on the train. meeting them while waiting in line. where do we get to know strangers? how do we know we're friends? are people labyrinths? we chose to navigate them together. /sometimes we give up, sometimes we continue on. /sometimes we find each other's center or something else. /there are dead ends too, dark parts that take us nowhere./ sometimes that's frustrating and sometimes we still continue on. /it's not always beautiful. sometimes we see disturbing stuff, sad stuff. /we don't always continue on. /if people are labyrinths we cannot move through their mazes alone./ if people are labyrinths we must mutually agree to guide each other through. /we don't need to agree to stay, we can't predict what we see. /people venturing together need to agree to explore through together.

special thanks to boston art crit community group that gave me wonderful feedback. it's been so long since i've sat in a critique with other real-life artists. yall inspire me!

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Authorvian nguyen
GenreInteractive Fiction, Puzzle
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, labyrinth, maze, Narrative


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i unexpectedly came across this user and their games but i thoroughly enjoyed this game a lot! this game is exactly as described and it is mind-blowing as it explores the feelings and relationships we have with others. reminds me a lot of the creator's angela he and their games. can't wait to play more

hey thanks! im glad you liked it :D hope you enjoy my other games